What can I do for myself?
I LOVE this question. I love when people are proactive with their health.
I love that I can help you help yourself.

The MELT Method is a series of self-treatment techniques that helps you get out of chronic pain and improve your stability, alignment and balance.

It’s focus is the Connective Tissue, or Fascia – a 3D web surrounding and connecting every muscle, bone, joint, organ and nerve. This intelligent and adaptable tissue creates architectural stability for all your movements.

Daily active living dehydrates the tissue, causing muscle strain,  joint compression, and a disconnect in the communication required by the nervous system to perform all your movements.

The MELT techniques use specially-designed soft foam rollers and rubber balls and combine focused pressure and small, specific movements that actually re-hydrate the tissue at a cellular level – reducing pain and stiffness, correcting misalignments, improving range of motion and calming your nervous system.

And because it is a self-treatment method, it improves your self-awareness (body sense), empowering you to take care of yourself, to manage your aging process, your alignment, your pain and enabling your body to get back to an ideal state.


Weekly Drop-in class
Mondays 6:30 pm, 60 min
Register here.

MELT Private Sessions
One-on-one, guided sessions tailored to your specific needs.

initial session:
90 min (incl.  MELT map with descriptions, reminders & images for home treatment)  150

follow-up sessions:
60 min (includes updated maps)
1x  125.
5x  575. (saves  50.)
10x  1150. (saves  100.)

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