COVID-19 Safety

I am doing everything I can to keep us all safe, following the guidelines of NYC, CDC, OSHA and AMTA.

Much has been altered – in the studio, in my schedule, in the way we will work together. However, the quality of the work and your experience will not be lessened.

When you book an appointment you will receive a brief Covid-19 questionnaire prior to every session (even if you see me weekly), that must be filled out online before you come in. 

When it’s time for your appointment:

Do not come if you are experiencing a fever or flu-like symptoms. Let me know immediately and we will reschedule – after you’ve received a negative Covid test result.

The side entrance (22 E 17th St.) is closed. You must use the front entrance (even evening appts): 41 Union Square West. The entrance is a glass door between NYX and McDonalds, at the corner of East 17th St.

The building staff has been taking all precautions with cleaning and disinfecting, including anti-viral elevator button covers.

Only 2 people per elevator, so please consider this in your timing (ie – when you arrive).

There will be a minimum of 30 minutes in-between sessions to allow for proper disinfecting. Because of this, please do not come early.

When you arrive:

You must be wearing a well-fitting mask with your nose and mouth fully covered. If you are not, I will provide you with one before you come in.

Ring the bell (or knock).

I will take your take your temperature – before you come in – with a touch-free forehead scanner.

If you have a temperature above 100º, you can not come in. We will reschedule.

When you come in and remove your shoes, you will use the hand sanitizer I provide.

We’ll keep conversations to a minimum and get to work. (I will miss catching up with you, but for now, this is best.)

Also, we can’t hug. I know, huge bummer. But that has to wait.

You must keep your mask fully on the entire time you are in the studio. Yes that means during the session, including while you’re prone, with your face in the cradle.

What’s different in the studio:

The curtains have been replaced by window films.

Instead of the privacy curtains, there will be a wooden privacy screen around my desk, so you can feel comfortable if you receive the type of work where you get undressed.

Several other things around the studio have been stored away to make disinfecting easier and to reduce the amount of fabric that may catch (and potentially release) microbes.

There are now bins by the door and the massage table for your personal belongings. Everything must be placed in them, not on the hooks.

The window will be open for proper air flow and an air purifier remains on 24/7.

For the time being – not that we need these now – I will not be using the hydrocolator (hot packs), electric table heater, fleece table cover or a blanket.

And me:

I will be wearing a N95 mask and a cloth mask. I will change the cloth mask and my clothes between clients.

I’ll also be wearing safety goggles (that’s for me).

And, I’ll be getting tested for Covid every 2 weeks.

How I am cleaning:

Between every session, linens will be safely stored and all surfaces, including door knobs and bell and floor will be wiped down with EPA-approved disinfectant.

What else?:

If I learn that someone who has been in the studio tested positive for Covid, I will inform everyone who came in within 2 weeks after their visit, and will have a plan to close the studio for a period of time.

What type of bodywork am I able to do?:

That depends. 

I am currently not able to do any intra-oral work.

Anything else, will depend on your condition, particularly if you’ve had Covid-19 and are at risk for clotting**.

If laying face-down with a mask proves too uncomfortable for you, we will switch to side-lying.

**If you have had Covid-19, we will have a separate conversation regarding symptoms, to make sure it is absolutely safe for you to receive bodywork, without risk of causing greater harm.

What else can you do to keep me safe?

Be honest about your symptoms and your potential exposure.

Be cool with all the new protocols. Even if you don’t dig them.

Please do not book an appointment for 2 weeks after high risk events like travel or gatherings.

Notify me immediately if you or someone in your household develops Covid symptoms or receives a positive test result at any point in the 2 weeks following your appointment.