Karen is a fantastic visceral massage therapist. Her knowledge of the human body and understanding of holistic health gives me great comfort. I often feel like I could just float home after a healing massage appointment with Karen. She has been a guiding light as I’ve worked through the challenge of finding a diagnosis for my chronic illness. Each session, I feel she is fully invested in my health and helping me find solutions that suit me. I’m so grateful to have her in my life.
– Gina F.

I value and appreciate Karen’s approach to bodywork. She is able to listen to the messages of the body with sensitivity and apply her vast knowledge within the context of a treatment to uncover complex patterns and help release them. She is able to access and release tension patterns held in the organs and nervous system which may be contributing to musculoskeletal pain or discomfort.
– Shelley P.

I first visited Karen when I learned she taught MELT classes—but I stayed for so much more. Her massage is the best ever, and she listens, makes connections, and thinks outside the box in creating new approaches to self care. A case in point was her “Writing As Remedy” workshop through which I learned to accept the role of “general contractor” for my own health, to believe I deserve to feel well, and to trust the people who are trying to help me. Karen is definitely one of the people I trust.

Karen is both a healer and a teacher. Her understanding of human physiology and psychology is abundant in her work in massage therapy and as a clear and motivating instructor of the MELT program for hands, feet, and body. I’ve experienced and benefited greatly from both. It has been the most joyful process with Karen: one that has eliminated pain and given me a fundamental sense of well being.
– Melissa N.

I’ve been going to Karen for bodywork sessions for the past couple of years and I always look forward to them! When I walk into her beautiful, inviting space I’m immediately put at ease and into a relaxed frame of mind. Karen herself is warm and compassionate. She is truly interested in helping you feel better, and is always learning new techniques to help her clients. She also has a great sense of humor so we have a lot of fun too! As a fellow bodyworker I really appreciate Karen’s skill and her ability to tailor my sessions for what I need. I always leave my sessions feeling renewed, in both body and spirit.
– Maggie D.