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Wellbody Studio - Melt Class

MELT weekly Drop-in Class
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The MELT Method is a series of self-treatment techniques that helps you get out of chronic pain and improve your stability, alignment and balance. Its focus is the Connective Tissue, or Fascia – a 3D web of tissue surrounding and connecting every muscle, bone, joint, organ and nerve. This intelligent and adaptable tissue creates architectural stability for all your movements.

Injury, surgery, even daily active living dehydrates the tissue, causing muscle strain,  joint compression, and compensatory patterns.

MELT uses specially-designed soft foam rollers and rubber balls and combine focused pressure and small, specific movements that actually re-hydrate the tissue at a cellular level – reducing pain and stiffness, correcting misalignments, improving range of motion and calming your nervous system.

And because it is a self-treatment method, it improves your self-awareness (body sense), empowering you to take care of yourself, to manage your aging process, your alignment, your pain and enabling your body to get back to an ideal state.
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MELT Private Sessions
These 1-on-1’s are tailored to your specific needs relating to injury, illness, pain, limitation or other.
My observation and hands on guidance will help you care for yourself safely, and at your own pace.
You’ll learn to recognize common imbalances in your body, reduce pain, restore neurological balance,
stability and joint mobility and improve your body’s healing mechanisms.
Done in comfortable clothing using a soft roller and small balls.
All gear + water provided.
Choose between in-person and online.
Book an appointment via email or 917.673.9935

Fluid Core Private Sessions
Create a supple, stable and resilient core through various movement explorations and gentle exercises that focus on opening and hydrating the psoas (SO-AS), its complementary muscles and fascia and the entire midline. These guided sessions are designed to tap into physical and emotional stress while instilling a sense of curiosity and play.
Head-to-toe grounding, whole-body balance, mid-line power and pain-reduction.
Done in comfortable clothing with various props.
All gear + water provided.
Book an appointment via email or 917.673.9935

initial (MELT or FC) session:
90 min
(incl. follow-up email with descriptions, reminders and images for home treatment or recorded session when online) 

follow-up sessions:
60 min
(incl. updated email or recorded session when online)
5x 575.
10x 1150.

‘treat – Annual 3-day Women’s Wellness Immersion that is a multi-sensory opportunity to connect to self,  community and nature. To dive deep into nourishing your body and feeding your soul so that when you emerge you are invigorated and full-hearted with a fresh perspective and applicable tools to feel more whole and become more of your beautiful self.

‘treat is currently on hiatus.

Please note I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Gift Certificates are available for treatments and classes.