On Freedom: Getting Clear and Making Choices


Why do we struggle so hard with listening to ourselves or doing what’s good for our body?

Is it that we’ve accepted how things are or how we feel as our normal?

I should…workout, meditate, change the way I eat, stretch, (insert anything you should do).

I am at one end of this conversation a lot.

Sometimes it’s an apology from someone who hasn’t gotten to any of my self-care suggestions.
Sometimes it’s with a client who just can’t commit.
Sometimes it’s with myself.
    Why have I barely moved my body in days? I should really move my body.

I am not judging you.
I ask you not to judge you.
I try not to judge me.

Should is such a loaded word.
Who says you should?
Why should you?
No, seriously. Why should you?
I ask because I want to make sure your answer aligns with your beliefs and not what’s been projected upon you.
Otherwise, it may not motivate you and may actually be stopping you.
(You, rebel, you.)

Logically, we know it will make us feel better.
So, you’d think that would be enough.
And if it was, we wouldn’t have a problem.

So maybe, we need to dive deeper. And ask ourselves what that means.
We need something to sink our teeth into.
I believe clarity is called for in this situation.

How does that translate for you? What could “feeling better” really mean?

Here’s my perspective:

If you feel better,
More is possible.
You do more, give more, show up bigger.
For yourself and your work and all the people in your life.
You see more clearly.
You live with less pain. Or anger. Or fear. Or frustration.
You’re more present, more efficient, feel more joy.
You judge yourself less.
You inspire others.
You have more freedom.

These are broad statements.
Take them. Please. Run with them. Far. Get specific with each one.
What exactly do you want to do and how exactly do you want to be?
Write it down. Say it out loud.

Make a choice.

It’s simple, not easy.

Sometimes I would love to eat a different way. Less restrictions. Fewer guidelines.
It would make things easier for my family, for my mornings, for eating at restaurants, for travel. But I would feel like crap.
And I’d be sick. And everyone around me would pay.
And I would actually have way less freedom because I’d feel too shitty to do anything.

And so I choose.
To get up at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to prep.
To make sure I have the right snacks for me when I’m out.
To ask questions in restaurants.
To cook when I’m beat.
To not eat certain foods even when I really want them.

But I struggle in other areas.
I can go days, weeks filling my time with everything important but exercise.
And I’m like, waah my neck is wonky, I feel weak, I am soo tired. Waah.

As in nature, and with all things – What you feed, grows.
What you put your time, attention, intention and sweat into – changes, evolves, gets better, improves.
Positively or negatively, by the way. – If you feed the choice to prioritize something else, that is what grows.

You are in charge. You are the only one that can do it.
The yoga only works if you do it. The MELT balls only work if you use them.
The meditation only shifts things if you commit.
The nutrients in those whole, clean foods only get in your body if you put them there.

That’s really it.

It’s simple, not easy.

You have to make the choice.
And then you have to make it again.
And then you have to make it again.
And then you have to make it again.
And then you have to make it again.

Even when you don’t want to. Even when you’re tired and it sucks and your busy an you don’t have time. Even when it’s hard.
Even when it’s cold and rainy or hot and humid and you have a deadline. Or it’s Wednesday. And it’s the absolute last thing you would ever want to do.
Do it anyway.

You’ll feel better.

let’s rock this thing.