On Game Changing: What If You Were Head Over Heels With Healing?


These very words came into my world recently via instagram** and it felt like someone switched on a fan in front of my face. I think I even swayed my head as my hair flew gently with the breeze.

Oh!  Aaahhh..

Yes yes. Hell Yes. Holy YES. Deep in my bones. Y to the ES. Yes.The healing path keeps going. Because life.I am a living breathing dynamic being who might be killing a virus, but I’m also healing stories. Mending wounds. Unraveling old beliefs and ways. Fighting demons.Peeling layers, turning over mossy stones.

Working with the whole.Sometimes it’s hard. Not gonna lie, occasionally it feels like bullshit.Sometimes I want to eat and drink whatever the hell I want, consequence-free.Sometimes I want remedies to be less expensive.Sometimes my body still hurts a lot anyway.Sometimes I am unforgiving.

Sometimes I’m like wait, I thought I worked through this story. Fifty freaking times.

But.I have learned immense amounts about the inner workings of my body, the fluidity of my identity and the medicinal power of food, ritual and movement.I’ve had great epiphanies after making great mistakes about communication and empathy.I am paying attention.I am discovering deeper clarity, greater possibilities and how to be thoroughly unapologetic for my needs.I am learning what I need to learn.

And though I am often frustrated with what’s happening inside my body, I have also never felt more like myself than I do now.I remember when I started feeling better after a long long time and I thought to myself, “Hey, I remember you!”

And now I’m like, “Hey New You-who’s-really-totally-you-the-way-you-were-meant-to-be-but-never-have-been-before!”Healing-as-love affair.I mean, seriously, what a concept.
Hello paradigm, meet shift.To find joy and love and dare-I-say fun in getting in right-relationship with yourself.
With your body.

I get being in a place of challenge, confusion, overwhelm, helplessness, pain, pushing through, showing up.Moving toward wellness, creating wellness, Healing (yes with a capital H), is not the same as Cured.And that may be frustrating. Ok it is totally frustrating, but it’s truth. A beautiful truth really, because you’re making a choice to do better for yourself. For others. To create beauty and strength in yourself. To dig down deep and find what you’re made of.To be the alchemist. To find the gold.

To recognize the life in you. The beating heart, the coursing blood, the firing synapses, the lung expansion (inspiration!), the new thoughts, the new beliefs, the new perspectives, the limitations that are actually detours to something amazing you never saw before.Can you see it?Can you move from from flirting with self care to nourishing a full-on long-lasting serious relationship?

Can you Fall In Love With Healing Yourself?**Thank you @thegirlfriendmanifesto for putting this sentence out into the world.
In six words you’ve taken this journey to a whole new level. Let’s rock this thing.karen